Like your guest welcome to a beautifully set table with pastel green colors mixed with black is amazing and gives an aesthetic expression.

Our new placemats are round and fine good fit for a small plate and one of our drinking glasses.

Our new basket can be used for much more than bread.

I have the following in my on my bathroom with my make-up and products. On my children in their rooms to keep order.

Our new basket is in 12 different colors and it is our placemats too.

Manostiles Mouth Blown Glass.
The Water Glass ‘Ocean’ is a good size for both still and sparkling water, juice or a latte. It has a volume of 33 cl and is mouth blown. Buy it for your self of give it as a great gift. The ‘Ocean’ glasses mixes beautifully with the Ocean Water Carafe.

You can soon buy it at retail.

You can also buy it of our online shop. Have you seen we have made a new improved shop? We hope you like it and think it is easy to navigate.

I wish you a excellent Sunday.

Manostiles new basket, placemat and glass

Placemat news by Manostiles Danish Design do it again.


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