Manostiles Sssshhhhh – Yes – we love beauty!

Now you’ll find our very sought for Candlesticks in all the Zenz Hair shops – and that’s not all – besides the Candlesticks, you’ll also find our delicious Boxes and Cushions. The Cushions you’ll find at Frederiksberg and Ordrup.

Cushions Black&White and Grey&White
Cushions Black&White and Grey&White

Anne-Sophie, the owner of all these shops, is the coolest lady ever…! When you enter into one of the Zenz shops you can’t help thinking…Hmmm…Am I dreaming, or does service come on such a high level? – And yes it does! At Zenz you truly feel welcomed and they spend time on YOU. They spoil you with delicious coffee or tea, a champagne glass with water and a lemon slice. You’ll get the most wonderful massage at the sink – but above all – the price level is the exact same compared to other hair shops, but at Zenz you just get a bit more service than you expect. And service is something that we also value very much ourselves and that we keep a constant focus on!! Hey – and by the way – all their products are ecological AND their own brand!

Why wait – hurry up and book an appointment with Zenz – You’ll love it!

Zenz grøn frisør København
Zenz grøn frisør København


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