COUNTDOWN – Whaauuu…We look forward.

6 days to crowning of this year`s inspiration price in 2013 – we are among the nominees. Whaaauu…… We are proud!!

We are nominated and we are proud. We’ve had two tough years with a lot of challenges that we have come through very strongly. We have always keeps our mission and strategy.

We have the last year spent most of our focus on product development – the quality  Manostiles Danish design should be known for? It has been hard but exciting and the quality is found and we don`t compromise and everything you buy from us are top quality.

Our designs is based on the simple graphic aesthetics, tones and flora that is so delicate and amazing in Nordic nature.

The nomination has started a lot of exciting ideas and we have decided that we will now enter the Danish market with our new products: Candlesticks, cushions, organic tea towels – organic bedding – our new quality than we have been focusing on the last year.

We have also expanded our collection with candle holders that are in stock in 5 weeks and we look forward to showing them to our customers and to all new customers.

Manostiles cushions

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