Piiiift …. beautiful table

Candlestick black and gold


Is there anything more inviting than a beautifully covered table – We have been very long to find the tablecloth which we think is missing in the market – it is here now and our favorite is undoubtedly the black tablecloth. (Our seeds black cushions in the bed in the background )
Our exclusive Jacquard woven fabric tablecloth is with our well-known design Seeds – It is so very soft, fine and aesthetic that you only vaguely looks designed but you sense the design.
Our idea was to make a beautiful tablecloth that is differentiate from the others on the market.  A tablecloth which is nice and beautiful, which can be used for everyday and celebration.

We have made the tablecloth in white and black and is available in 3 different sizes. You can buy it in our shop or our retailers.

We can mention one of our retailers: Salling Aarhus and Aalbog having both color and any size. http://www.salling.dk/shop/frontpage.html

If you also want a beautiful Christmas table – New Year’s table – or beautiful table next weekend..

Beautiful tablecloth

MUST HAVE  black tablecloth

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