Manostiles comes at Formex trade fair

We have worked hard and we are now ready to present our new collection on the international fairs in August and September. We are very pleased with our result and we are looking forward to be driving to Stockholm tomorrow and take Formex with a bang on Thursday.

We are looking forward to show our customers and the press our new collection, where we among others have a fabulous and bubbly universe for children, where colors, patterns and quality go hand in hand. Our new design “Graphic tree” is based on the retro style with nature as inspiration, which have a strong graphic line in a modern design.

As a part of our new children’s collection, there will come 3 different small, fine, organic pillows for children, there will come a round aesthetic pillow, a raw triangle and a classic square, they will look decorative in the nursery, in the stroller or in the playing cave.

Furthermore, our new collection “Gallery” will come, it is consisting of beautiful illustrations in A5 and A3, which easily can be framed and can create a good atmosphere in the nursery, at the changing table or on the wall by cradle.

For us children are a big part of our lives and Manostiles’ universe – because of that we want to treat both children and adults with our new organic collection – which fits very well into our Color Line boxes.

Follow us during the week where we will tell a little more about our entire new collection

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