News from London and the HOME trade show.

It’s fantastic to have finally arrived in London, though not entirely without hitches: we arrived at our hotel to discover they’d not booked us in, despite my booking confirmation dated November! The problem was finally solved and we were all tucked up in bed by 2am.

After breakfast I got a phone call to say the samples of our new storage boxes had arrived – and with anticipation and butterflies in my tummy I opened up the packages to look at our sample boxes…

WOW, I thought when I saw them… They’re just so beautiful that I had to take some photos of the boxes in my room which I’ve uploaded onto our Facebook page (

I’m very happy with the finished products, and our Special Edition spring 2012 collection is exactly the right colours I wanted for this year’s coming spring season.

Yellow, coral and a very dark (almost black) grey look so attractive on wood, a material that we’re going to see a lot of in 2012. The colours will bring joy and a breath of fresh air to every home this spring.

Our new design is stylish, Nordic and extremely aesthetic.

We are very satisfied with all our new collection, which comes in four different colour schemes and can be bought either as a set of six or singly.

The four colour schemes are: Pastel Line, Colour Line, Grey Line and Special Edition, the last of which is only produced in a limited quantity and will not come again, so hurry and order now if you want to be sure of getting this set. (On the shelves in mid/end February).

In addition, another three smaller boxes are arriving, which will be sold as a three-piece set.

I’m sure that our new products and collection will be warmly received by London and the UK during the trade event ‘Home’ this weekend.

Now we’re going out to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the happy feeling of being satisfied with our new collection.

Have a great day.

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